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Title Don't Stop Moving
Author Ginny aka [ profile] chainer_morgana
Beta [ profile] casness, thank you so much for your work!
Pairing Steve/Danny
Word count Word says 2650
Rating NC17
Summary Steve can’t believe that Danny never tried rimming before.
Warnings Well..rimming.
Disclaimer They’re not mine. If I’d own Steve and Danny you can be sure CBS couldn’t air them ;) No disrespect intended to their real owners and blablabla
Notes Thanks to [ profile] raffie79 who dealt with me when I was sure I couldn't do that and definitely couldn't write in this fandom.
During 1x20 a graphic flash came to my mind and I decided I had to write this fic. Blame Steve for that, lol.
Comments and concrits are love.

If you want the fic can also be read here at AO3 ;)

Don't Stop Moving )
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Since I'm a little bit obsessed (would you have guessed? LOL) with H50 at the moment, and I decided my cellphone should reflect my obsession, I just made the theme song my ringtone and made a few "book 'em" for incoming texts.

In case anyone needs/wants them:

Theme song

Texts ringtones

There are the book 'em from the pilot and from ep 1x02 plus the "when I say book 'em Danno it's a term of endearment" from 1x06. I wasn't able to cut off the background music and that bothers me, but they're not too bad.
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and after too many months I finally changed my header!!
It took me three tries (I'll post the other two soon ;)) but I think I'm pretty satisfied with this one and I absolutely love that effect, like it's somehow set into the page background...

Obviously, since at the moment I'm a little more than obsessed, it's Hawaii 5-0 based ;)

Let me know if you like!

[ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana (clicckete clicckete click *puppy eyes*)
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Hawaii 5-0 you were doing so so so good, what with that season finale?


And I'm not talking about the "Steve thing"(trying to keep the post spoiler free ;)) and how you rushed things. No, I'm talking about two of the worst Mary Sue EVER.
Seriously, what's the reason of all that Rachel thing? Did the writers realized the slash was seriously too much? Because, really, there's no other reason!
And that Kaye girl...WHY? WHY? She's a terrible character, she's useless, out of the blue, and the possible things are just two: she'll turn out to be a mole or she'll fuck Steve. I just hope not the second one, it would really be low. What a terrible character.

And I think I kept this post as spoiler free as I could.

Poor poor Danny ;)


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