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And here I am with the second bunch of photos ;)

17 this dial-up friendly ;)

(previously [lol] Roncade 19/10/2008)

Bologna 20/10/2008 )

As I already said: feel free to link/repost but just as long as you CREDIT (and if you can link back to me),

taking for graphics is ok, just let me know (and credit).

Tonight or tomorrow I'll post some pictures from the My Passion concert ;)
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Ok, ok, I know. It was last week but you know me, I take my time to do things...anyway: here we are with some pics from the Kill Hannah show in Roncade, Italy.

I took a lot more, but I couldn't do a post with 30 pics of Dan (not my fault, he was in front of me!) so I'll post just 7 pics.
Later I'll do another post with pics from Bologna. The images are heavy so it's better this way ;)

Roncade 19/10/2008 )

If anyone is interested feel free to link/repost/whatever just LET ME KNOW and CREDIT, ok?

It's ok to use for icons and stuff if you want, just...let me know ;)
and if you need a bigger version just let me know
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Yesterday I wrote this post, I totally forgot to actually post it, so..loool)

I'm back from the two KH's shows (in Italy)...
Ok, I wanted to post something like a report but my throat hurts like hell for singing too loud, I'm in the fucking office and I'm sleepy, so...

I'm not going to say that the first show was great, 'coz it was definitely not. Not KH fault, it's just that Italy sucks, people in Italy sucks and poor guys could do nothing about it. They were good on stage, little bit depressed (and I TOTALLY understand them!) but good, they did all they could in that stupid venue in the middle of nowhere with stupid people who watched the show without a word, not an applause, not a scream...nothing...a fucking group of fucking mummies! Damn, I hate Italy so much!
Second show was so much better! There wasn't a lot of people but they all were there for Kill Hannah not just because they were bored and didn't want to spend the night in front of the TV ;)
The show was great, Mat was amazing, Dan was jumping around the stage, Greg never stopped to smile, Elias beated his drum like hell and Tom...well he was breathtaking (LOL) but I'm going to talk about him later ;) now I'll just talk a little more totally random ;)

My Passion )
Now..go and check My Passion's MySpace!!

ok, I talked about Kill Hannah, I said a few things about My Passion...let's talk about another great thing......

Tom Schleiter )

some random facts )

Ok, I guess it's all for the most random post EVER!
A big big thanks to Fra, who come to the show in Bologna just for me, to Nadia, Save, Ciaccio and obviously a big big hug to my beloved LM...I already miss you girls!

And now...excuse me, I have another band to fall in love with since I fell for their guitarist O:)

Note: I'm telling nothing about the fire on purpose. I think there's nothing to tell about it. I'm so sorry for the guys, but has nothing to do with the italian shows.


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