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Ok, even if my internet sucks the first video is finally uploaded.

There was so much interaction between them, and omg, Brendon and Dallon and the mic will never be old stuff. So.Damn.Hot!

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The Panic! show in London was AMAZING, they were even better than I expected (ok,I try to go to see a band for the first time with low expectations, but they were so good, so much more than I expected *__*). Brendon is just perfect, a great frontman, with so much energy...Ian is born to be on stage and both he and Dallon fit so good with the band I see not a good reason in the whole universe not to make them official. Oh, and Spencer is gorgeous beating the hell off his drums.

It felt strange to hear "Camisado" without Ryan on stage, is the only song I still think shouldn't be played live, but, I know it's probably bad to say this and someone will probably insult me (not that I care..), I didn't miss Ryan or Jon. Yeah, sure, I loved, still love, them as anyone else, I know it was their band and that they were the band, but really, Ian and Dallon managed to fill so good such an hard place that I couldn't miss them. There was so much energy and chemistry on that stage that nothing could ruin it, not even the idea that it wasn't the original band.

And I'm so happy Dallon and Ian were at the M&G! They deserve to be there so much ♥

Did I say that I totally fell for Ian? I swear, he's one of the cutest, most handsome and talented guys I had the luck to see on stage. I mean, you all know I have a soft spot for Spencer, that I think Dallon is hot as hell and I can't look at Brendon without thinking how cute he is, and I knew Ian for a few years now, but when I saw him at the M&G I couldn't take my eyes off him. He's just..magnetic.

Ok, I probably have a lot more things to tell, but right now I can't really think of them, I just want to go back, I want another show and I can't wait for August and to meet them again *.*. I'm so happy and satisfied you have no idea *.*. I loved the MCR show a few months ago, I was waiting for it for YEARS and I was sure nothing could easily top that, but I think P!ATD did, all four of them on that stage...I wasn't so excited for a show for years now *_* Not even the people on stage, not even the setlist..just the show, the energy they put in it and into us.

On a side note: I think the best part of Panic! is Zack. Really, I want him to be the father of my kids or something, lol.

And now...some pics. I took more than 100 pics, some were blurry, some I just didn't like...these are the ones I decided were worth the upload ;) enjoy (don't steal and let me know if you want to repost them somewhere, thank you)

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I think I'm done for now, tomorrow I'll re-watch the photos and I'll decide if there are more worth of posting, maybe I'll find some more decent shots of Dallon or Spencer *pouts*
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Questo è il meraviglioso fanmix fatto da [ profile] raffie79 per la mia fic From Small Things Big Things One Day Come.

Personalmente lo trovo assolutamente perfetto per la storia e la segue passo passo! :D
Se avete dubbi sul perchè delle canzoni, però, potete sempre chiedere a lei

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Il fanmix potete scaricarlo su Megaupload o su Rapidshare

Su su, andate a scaricarlo e a sentirlo!! E grazie mille [ profile] raffie79, ♥


Dec. 16th, 2008 11:08 pm
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So, I finally received my copy of “A picture with books/ live in Chicago” DVD. There’s so much to watch I think I’ve barely seen half of it in the past two hours but more than enough for this post.

Let’s start with the important things: I love Zack. Zack is my hero, Zack is wonderful, Zack is love.

Second thing, really important again: PATD are cute as a bunch of wet kittens. Really. I know it’s not very manly and probably Spencer would give me at least his infamous bitchface reading this but among all the NC17 words that pop in my mind thinking of them ‘cute’ is the first one. I mean, the first thing that come to my mind watching at the four of them is “aww I want to cuddle can I have one? I swear I’ll remember to feed him!” and I promise I’m not *that* gay :P

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♥ 25 My Chemical Romance

+ 2 Bob
+ 7 Frank
+ 5 gerard
+ 2 Mikey
+ 3 Ray
+ 6 Various

♥ 5 Kill Hannah

+ 1 Mat
+ 1 Jonny
+ 1 Dan
+ 1 Greg
+ 1 Elias

♥ 9 Hayden Panettiere


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Ne ho già parlato a molti di voi, accennato ad alcuni, altri non ne sanno niente...dopo tanto tempo (e tante, troppe, pagine) ecco finalmente "la mia bimba"...

Titolo Gangsters & Rentboys Parte 1/?
Fandom My Chemical Romance e Kill Hannah (con la speciale partecipazione di Pete Wentz, Daughters of Mara e Ryan Ross)
Pairing Principali Dan/Jon, Gerard/Frank
Rating NC17
Warnings Prostituzione, violenza, stupro, minor character death, ANGST, sesso...(vedi info)

La trovate su [ profile] gr_fic

Joinate e prometto che non ve ne pentirete....;)
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My Chemical Romance: 1-40
Your Favorite Enemies: 41-53
Kill Hannah: 54-60
30 Seconds to Mars: 61-73

[EDIT] +3 Jared Leto that I totally forgot before :P


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3 My Chemical Romance
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