Jul. 4th, 2011

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I love animals, I probably love all animals too much for my own good, but there's a baby seagull, a little ball of brown feathers, who's making my patience sooo thin. He (or maybe she) is spending days and nights chirping non-stop. Even his parents are yelling at him XD they bring him food but it's not enough, he wants more and he starts again. he's doing it since 4am.

And to be honest I'm also a little worried, two years ago we had a guy in a near building arrested because he killed seagull and pigeons because "bothered him", that baby thing isn't exactly making friends, and I already figure myself climbing on the building roof he's on to save him with a broken wing or something. I mean, we love that baby since he was an egg, litterary, and his parents spent all nights screaming to protect him, I want to be able to see him (finally) fly away, I don't want to see him hurt!

I need to check at what age baby gulls leave the nest and fly away ;)

[ETA] and this is the baby. He's so grown up since a few weeks ago! and I noticed taking the pic that his feathers are changing color as well :D The best part still is when his parents bring him food and feed him <3



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