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Since my connection is really bitchy lately, and since I'm again stuck in bed, I've nothing better to do than to bore you too.

As [ profile] babyara well knows, I'm really good at ruining people's lives. How, are you wondering? By making them addict to new series! With this one is maybe a really long shot, but since it's my new drug (I finished the three seasons and started it again two days later..)I thought it deserves a post.

I can't find a good source for pics and such, so this is going to be the crappiest most random picspam ever, I'm sorry.

Some pics are caps, that's all the spoilers you'll get. I'll try really hard not to tell something too spoilerish. It won't be easy, trust me, lol.


DR. Will Zimmerman (actor: Robert Dunne)

He's the first one you're going to meet. My first impression was "ok, let's hope the others will be less lame and hopefully hotter". That impression lasted for about half an episode, then I fell so hard for him like I didn't fall for a character in a while.

Terrible pic, I know, but it's the only one of him with glasses I could find at the moment, and since I'm pretty sure I have a glasses kink now, because of him, I couldn't help it :P

Mandatory photo because in this one he looks so much like Spike from BTVS. You'll notice that a few times in the serie itself, I think it's something in the way he moves...


Yeah, that pic is just to show you he really isn't what he looks like in the pilot...

Later in the serie you'll get a lot more of *that* from the now-so-f**ing hot doctor.


That smirk. He'll more or less kill you everytime he'll smirk or make that cute puppy eyes of his..

Henry Foss (Actor: Ryan Robbins)

More or less whatever I'll tell about him will be spoiler, so I really have to shut up. Yet I think that a few pics will speak for themselves in his case.
He remembers me of a young Viggo, if he isn't exageratelly gorgeous he makes up for it in sexiness. Watch that man for five minutes and you'll blush just at the things you're thinking, I can assure you.

He's the nerd you want to fuck for a week against a wall, cuddle with for a few days and then fuck again over one of his super-computers...


As for "Will", a mandatory nerdy pic, because he's soooo cute!

Yeah, "cute" is no longer the word in my mind...


Still thinking "cute"? Because right now I'm thinking more on the line of "handcuffs" "harder" and "wall".



Now, you're maybe asking yourself why I posted this terrible pic...the thing is: look closer. He has his nipples and belly button pierced!! A hot man with nipple piercings, I mean, what more do you need to watch a serie? LOL. (there will never be enough fic about that...*sighs*)

Nikola Tesla (Actor: Jonathon Young)

If you're wondering why he's called like the famous scientist stop wondering. We're talking of supernatural stuff, trust me, he's definitely not the most famous, dead, person you'll meet in this serie ;)
As you'll see he's not too young, he's not beautiful and maybe he's not even sexy but it took him not more than five minutes to enter the top five of my favourite vampires ever, and he definitely is among my top ten characters too. He's just brilliant, one of the reasons that make you hit the start button on a new episode at three in the morning.
I'd give my *cat* to have a few years with Nikola!

Sadly he's not one of the main characters so there's not much around about him, just spoilerish things I can't post.

(dunno who made this, sorry)


(again, not my work, dunno who to credit)



John Druitt (Actor: Christopher Heyerdahl)

First of all: pratically everyone in my flist should already know him. Look at him,, I'm not gonna tell you :P

A middle aged, bald man. Wow, definitely not my type. I was sure of that. Pretty pretty sure. Then Druitt came along. Hot, sexy Druitt. No, don't worry, I didn't lose my mind, you need to see him (except not in the pilot, he wasn't so incredible there) and then you'll know what I'm talking about.





Random: he plays Big Guy too ;)

(So, do you know why you should know him? I'll give you a hint: Supernatural)

Obviously there are women too, the thing is: I don't like them. Don't know exactly why, but Ashley seems a little too much like a bad hidden Mary Sue and Kate has something that I just don't like.
But not all the women are bad, because this serie has:

Helen Magnus (actress: Amanda Tapping)

She's amazing. So amazing I'm downloading 10 seasons of SG-1 because she's in it. I usually don't love the female main character, I think they're mostly lame and all the same, but Amanda gives something to Helen that few do.

She could be my mother O.o I wanna be like that at 46!


And these are random photos just because I really like them (and the pairings, but that's another thing ;))

Still don't like Kate, but Amanda is gorgeous..

I'll never see this pairing, but I'll never stop shipping them.



I think it already showed how enthusiastic I am I found out about this serie, but let me spend a few more words, about the good but also the bads.

It's all based on them working (actually Magnus is the foundeer) at the Sanctuary, one of a web of...private research facilities, that searches and protects (or stop in case they're dangerous or wild) Abnormals. Abnormals are mutants, they could be from normal people with particular abilities like reading minds, to vampires, to gigantic spiders that can cause earthquakes and tsunamis, to bacterias. Bigfoots included, will love Big Guy a lot ;)
If you like Primeval, Torchwood and co. you'll probably love it.

It's pretty catchy, there are at least a few different storylines each episode, so you won't be bored, you'll jump from one thing to another, and this way all characters have a decent screen time. I promise you won't be left craving more Will or, ok, you'll do, but just because you'll never have enough of them. Also the characterizations are pretty good, no person is a bad copy of another one.
The stories are original enough and never boring. Not too much violence.

If I have to tell what's bad, instead, is that, IMO, some characters come to stay, or die/go away/whatever too quickly.I think that from almost bad guy to beloved team member in a few episodes top is a little too quick, and who dies is soon forgotten. Really soon.
Second thing is that often the 'light ep' is confusing. Ok, I don't know how this thing is called, but you know when there's this dark storyline, with lots of bad things, and then they insert a much lighter episode, just to cut some of the drama? Well, in this serie, often, the light episode is totally unrelated to the storyline, it's just a mission, it starts, it ends, no main storyline in the middle, and it's ok, but you spend the first five minutes asking yourself "did I miss something? didn't I download an episode?"

I'd also say that the cliffhangers are pure evil, but I'm sadly accostumed to that thanks to a million other series,

Apart from that don't expect some oscar-worth masterpiece, we're still talking of a Canadian/american sci-fi serie, but keeping in mind what it's pretty good. Good enough that I'm sure you want to download it right now!
( I'm casually pointing my finger at you, but I'm not forcing you...let's just say that I'm still not sure I wanna rewatch that or Haven first O:) )

Oh, and if you decide to watch it, since it confused me a lot, I'll spend a few lines on the webisodes topic.
At first SAnctuary was released as 8 webisodes of 15/20 minutes. Same cast, slightly different story. When they decided to air it in USA they made a 90mins pilot out of the firsts 4 webisodes, but they changed a few things (like Will's past or work) to adapt it better for a following serie. Webisodes 5-8 were changed, cut to pieces, and used too, in various episodes.
So if you want to watch the 3 season (second half of season 3 out in april) you don't need to watch the webisodes first. Still if you want my advice, after the three series, watch the 90minutes ep made from the firsts original 4 webisodes. It's totally different from the canon you'll now know, but it's worth it.
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