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And here we are with part 2 of this picspam. Spencer Smith and his bandmates ;) [Part 1]

Note: not-so-subtle slashy hints in this part. Don't like, don't open, it's that simple :)

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Since at the beginning I didn't like Spencer too much...and since now I know I wasn't in my right mind 'coz he's one of the hottest, sexiest and most precious thing of the FBR...a mega-Spencer-Picspam!!

Part One: Spencer Smith alone or almost ;)

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Chriss Angel wrote that:

No Grammy's last night. Really had to fight the urge not to levitate over to Ryan Ross on the red carpet and kick him in the crotch.

Keltie Colleen replied that:

really criss angel? JUST TRY TO kick ryan in the nuts. I dare you.

Ryan Ross added that:

Is this real? Or… is it an illusion maybe? Let me know if it is, so I can send roses before the show closes.

and in the end

Pete Wentz commented with that:

Ryan ross knows as the avada kedavra. Ruh roh.

I'm laughing so hard I've tears. LOL


Dec. 16th, 2008 11:08 pm
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So, I finally received my copy of “A picture with books/ live in Chicago” DVD. There’s so much to watch I think I’ve barely seen half of it in the past two hours but more than enough for this post.

Let’s start with the important things: I love Zack. Zack is my hero, Zack is wonderful, Zack is love.

Second thing, really important again: PATD are cute as a bunch of wet kittens. Really. I know it’s not very manly and probably Spencer would give me at least his infamous bitchface reading this but among all the NC17 words that pop in my mind thinking of them ‘cute’ is the first one. I mean, the first thing that come to my mind watching at the four of them is “aww I want to cuddle can I have one? I swear I’ll remember to feed him!” and I promise I’m not *that* gay :P

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