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Title Hide Your Eyes, We’re Gonna Shine Tonight
Author [ profile] chainer_morgana
Beta thanks to [ profile] katiexrawr who dealt whit all my mistakes and to [ profile] raffie79 who always supports me and gives me advices

Pairing Frank/Mikey/Gerard
Rating NC17
Warnings Rough sex, kink, incest, slightly bdsm, facials, threesome.
Words 1400 more or less

Summary Gerard deliberately teased, Frank and Mikey noticed it.

Disclaimer They’re not mine, I know nothing about them and yet I’m pretty sure that never happened. (That Gerard is a teaser is the truth, instead :P)
Notes Inspired by the NME photo shoot video (here) in which Gerard is…a teaser ;)
Title from Party Poison, because I’m original like that and the CD booklet is too near me when I search for a title :P

Hide Your Eyes, We’re Gonna Shine Tonight )
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Title Engage the Energy
Author [ profile] chainer_morgana
Beta the wonderful [ profile] katiexrawr, thank you very much for helping me with that! (and blame me for any mistake you can still find ;))
Pairing Mikey/Frank
Rating NC17
Warning Bondage, toys, BDSM, breath play, orgasm denial.
Words 849 (Word says :P)
Note That’s a text message(s) fic. I know, you’re probably thinking “what?”. But it was around 3am, I was bored, my girlfriend, [ profile] raffie79, was working and I was blocked in bed post-surgery, so I took my phone and started texting her. At the end we had 21 text messages and this fic. I copied and adjusted it a little, but I decided to keep the short sentences and paragraphs.
Oh, it’s also one of my first English fic, so be gentle ;)
Ah, and title probably doesn’t fit, but I was listening to Planetary, Gee sang this sentence and it became my title XD

Dedicate to [ profile] raffie79, my sweet, sick, kinky, perv, girlfriend ;) I couldn't plot such things without you, my love.

Engage the Energy )
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right now the best thing about TUMBLR is all the Waycest bashing. I'll never stop laughing at all the twelve yo girls gagging at the idea...but what's best is that the more Gerard teases Mikey on stage the more they post things like "don't do that, Gee, you're encouraging them!". Is it possible to be that stupid? Seriously?

Then there are the little older girls...the ones who think it's perfectly ok and normal to write rape and torture and killing if it's frerard or something but that is sick and immoral just to think of a Waycest kiss.

Now mix that with horny teens thinking that Waycest is the hottest thing they ever saw (and it is :P)...

I've never had so much fun on TUMBLR! Thank you Gerard! Please, keep harassing your brother on stage, he doesn't seem too happy about it, but I assure you I am...A LOT! :D
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I've had these sketches sitting (well, hanging actually) next my computer for a while now and I never got around posting them. But today I'm bored, so I decided to scan them...sadly my scanner died on me :'(. I tried with my dad's scan but it just captured half of the I decided it wasn't a good day to scan anything and decided to go with pictures instead. That's why the quality is so crappy.

Please, clicking don't forget I was never thaught how to draw, I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just trying to teach myself and right now the two Mikey are probably the best I can do...

Fandom Fall Out Boy, MCR (and Killjoys)
Rating PG...totally worksafe
Media 2B pencil on really crappy paper I found around my room.

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(click for bigger)

I swear, this one is better than any slash or sexy pic I ever saw. The Way are amazing, Frank's face...and everyone leaning on Mikey...*__* I LOVE this photo so much.
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Imagine you're stuck at home for almost three months now. Imagine you're bored out of your mind and too tired and drugged to concentrate on anything...Imagine you have 24 hours a day to do stupid things..what would you do? Me? Well, I do...


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Ok, it's not perfect, but it's the first time I even think about making a doll, plus I had to sew it by hand and it took me something like 5 hours but...ISN'T HE THE CUTEST THING *EVER*????

Oh, and if you're wondering..he's made out of old socks, LOL.
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I was looking at the MCR's pics on the AP cover and they're too hot for their own good. After a little drooling I decided to make an icon with the Mikey's cover and then...well, that happened :P

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As always rules are easy:

.::. Comment, please!! I ♥ comments ;)

.::. CREDIT! I'll haunt you in your sleep if you don't :)



Thank you :)
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ok, I could find a million reasons to make a biiiiig Mikey Way picspam, first of all 'coz I keep thinking he's the most gorgeous, sexiest, hottest man alive, but to be honest I'm making this post to dedicate it to [ profile] babyara, just to show her how hot Mikey can be (and to bother her :P:P), and to be sure that in the end she'll have to admit that ;) and to [ profile] raffie79 'coz it took a while but finally she loves Mikey ALMOST as much as me.
But this post is also dedicated to whoever loves the younger Way and thinks he's amazing and wonderful ;)

So, go ahead, that's the first part of my picspam ;)

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Comments make MikeyWay happy, hotlinking makes him cry :(:(
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♥ 25 My Chemical Romance

+ 2 Bob
+ 7 Frank
+ 5 gerard
+ 2 Mikey
+ 3 Ray
+ 6 Various

♥ 5 Kill Hannah

+ 1 Mat
+ 1 Jonny
+ 1 Dan
+ 1 Greg
+ 1 Elias

♥ 9 Hayden Panettiere


Photobucket ** Photobucket ** Photobucket

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♠ Comment

♠ Credit [ profile] chainer_morgana or Ginny if you use outside lj


♠ These are not bases, don't change them, please.
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Ne ho già parlato a molti di voi, accennato ad alcuni, altri non ne sanno niente...dopo tanto tempo (e tante, troppe, pagine) ecco finalmente "la mia bimba"...

Titolo Gangsters & Rentboys Parte 1/?
Fandom My Chemical Romance e Kill Hannah (con la speciale partecipazione di Pete Wentz, Daughters of Mara e Ryan Ross)
Pairing Principali Dan/Jon, Gerard/Frank
Rating NC17
Warnings Prostituzione, violenza, stupro, minor character death, ANGST, sesso...(vedi info)

La trovate su [ profile] gr_fic

Joinate e prometto che non ve ne pentirete....;)
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+ 1-4 --> My Chemical Romance

+ 4-13 --> Brian Schechter

+ 14-24 --> Frank Iero

+ 25-31 --> Ray Toro

+ 32-35 --> Mikey Way

+ 36-40 --> Shannon Leto


*+* *+* *+* *+* *+*


+ Credit [ profile] chainer_morgana

+ No hotlinking

+ Don't steal

+ No repost


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My Chemical Romance: 1-40
Your Favorite Enemies: 41-53
Kill Hannah: 54-60
30 Seconds to Mars: 61-73

[EDIT] +3 Jared Leto that I totally forgot before :P


([ profile] chainer_morgana on lj, Ginny if you use them in forums, myspace, ecc. )


*** *** ***

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3 My Chemical Romance
1 Kill Hannah

(no teasers, sorry)


([ profile] chainer_morgana on lj, Ginny if you use them in forums, myspace, ecc. )

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