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You realize you really need to take some vitamins and you want your pill back when at three in the morning you see Pete and Patrick in an old photo, read some quotes from FOB lyrics and a minute later you don't know how to stop from crying. With real tears down your cheeks.

Damn, when I say that I'm barely holding it's definitely true!

And yes, still crying O.o
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I was bored and in love with one of the last FOB's photoshoot so that's the result ;)

Free Image Hosting at

Now I'll think of what to do with the other pics of the set. I love them too much not to have them around all the time...
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Chriss Angel wrote that:

No Grammy's last night. Really had to fight the urge not to levitate over to Ryan Ross on the red carpet and kick him in the crotch.

Keltie Colleen replied that:

really criss angel? JUST TRY TO kick ryan in the nuts. I dare you.

Ryan Ross added that:

Is this real? Or… is it an illusion maybe? Let me know if it is, so I can send roses before the show closes.

and in the end

Pete Wentz commented with that:

Ryan ross knows as the avada kedavra. Ruh roh.

I'm laughing so hard I've tears. LOL

FBR icons

Nov. 14th, 2008 07:05 pm
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22 Fall Out Boy
+ 5 Patrick Stump
+ 11 Pete Wentz
+ 6 Pete&Patrick

Cobra Starship//The Academy is..
+ 4 William Beckett
+ 4 Gabe Saporta
+ 5 Gabe&William

= 35 icons


* Photobucket *** Photobucket *** Photobucket *

FBR will kill me )

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♥ Enjoy
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Ne ho già parlato a molti di voi, accennato ad alcuni, altri non ne sanno niente...dopo tanto tempo (e tante, troppe, pagine) ecco finalmente "la mia bimba"...

Titolo Gangsters & Rentboys Parte 1/?
Fandom My Chemical Romance e Kill Hannah (con la speciale partecipazione di Pete Wentz, Daughters of Mara e Ryan Ross)
Pairing Principali Dan/Jon, Gerard/Frank
Rating NC17
Warnings Prostituzione, violenza, stupro, minor character death, ANGST, sesso...(vedi info)

La trovate su [ profile] gr_fic

Joinate e prometto che non ve ne pentirete....;)


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