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Oh, I just realized a few days ago was my lj 7th birthday...still remember the night spent searching for a name, without telling to Raf what I was doing just to make her a surprise.

Damn, can't be 7 years already! I was 19! no, still 18.

I feel SO OLD now!

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Imagine you're stuck at home for almost three months now. Imagine you're bored out of your mind and too tired and drugged to concentrate on anything...Imagine you have 24 hours a day to do stupid things..what would you do? Me? Well, I do...


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Ok, it's not perfect, but it's the first time I even think about making a doll, plus I had to sew it by hand and it took me something like 5 hours but...ISN'T HE THE CUTEST THING *EVER*????

Oh, and if you're wondering..he's made out of old socks, LOL.


Oct. 11th, 2010 05:11 pm
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So, my Kindle is finally here!

I promised, I wanted to throw it out of the window a few times only, then I decided I'm in love with it.
Sure I LOVE books, I love their smell and the feeling of the paper under my fingers, but Kindle is a lot cheaper in the long run and a lot easier when travelling.
Now I just have to convert a bunch of e-books that are sitting in my computer for months and then go back to bed and decide what to start with (ok, ok, I know I'll start with "Colorado Kid" by Stephen King, exactly like I know I won't like it 'coz I don't like King, lol).

Thanks to Morry and Laz for answering to all my questions ;)
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That's my Christmas card for Francesca, my best friend. It took me HOURS to draw it and as always stupid scanner made a mess can have an idea ;)


Yeah, I know, no cut. But I love this cute dragon too much to hide him ;) Sorry :P
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I have 1 Dreamwidth invite. Since I know a lot of people in my flist don't have an account there yet let me know if someone is interested. First to comment, first served ;)

And since I'm talking about DW...As I already said I have a patd_slash community there and we're organizing an english 'Twitter Prompt Fest'.
If someone is interested and wants to make me really happy here are more details.

If you don't have a DW account, and don't plan on making one, there's no problem ;) you can a) make an openID account and comment with that on the community (plus you can lurk us from lj, two birds with a stone ;)), we'll then post your fic/art for you, b) just comment here on lj c) change your mind and make an account, lool
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Se siete iscritti a [ profile] fueledbyslashit (e se non lo siete...perchè? su, filate a farlo ;)) ho appena postato l'anteprima del

Twitter Prompt Fest

Sono certa che vi interessi darci un'occhiata ;)


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