Jan. 8th, 2011 12:10 am
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Finally the winter sales are here!! It took all my energies but I did a quick shopping tour and found a few nice things...

Clothes! Coats, shoes, and a lot more )

Ok, that's all for now. I still need a few things, but I can't seem to find them :( maybe later..
hope you like!
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That's my Christmas card for Francesca, my best friend. It took me HOURS to draw it and as always stupid scanner made a mess can have an idea ;)


Yeah, I know, no cut. But I love this cute dragon too much to hide him ;) Sorry :P
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A male friend I was texting with just asked me why I woke up at 8.30 this morning just to get ready in time for lunch (earlier than lunch, I have to help a little ;))

My reply is: I have to go from this (see pics) in less than one and half hour...

Photobucket ---> Photobucket

So, lets see it step by step ;)

some pics because I'm bored even on Xmas morning ;) )

That's you can see there's a reason if on Christmas morning I wake up at dawn just to be ready in time for lunch ;)


Dec. 14th, 2009 09:09 pm
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My cat doesn't like Christmas...

Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
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And here I am with the second bunch of photos ;)

17 this dial-up friendly ;)

(previously [lol] Roncade 19/10/2008)

Bologna 20/10/2008 )

As I already said: feel free to link/repost but just as long as you CREDIT (and if you can link back to me),

taking for graphics is ok, just let me know (and credit).

Tonight or tomorrow I'll post some pictures from the My Passion concert ;)
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Ok, ok, I know. It was last week but you know me, I take my time to do things...anyway: here we are with some pics from the Kill Hannah show in Roncade, Italy.

I took a lot more, but I couldn't do a post with 30 pics of Dan (not my fault, he was in front of me!) so I'll post just 7 pics.
Later I'll do another post with pics from Bologna. The images are heavy so it's better this way ;)

Roncade 19/10/2008 )

If anyone is interested feel free to link/repost/whatever just LET ME KNOW and CREDIT, ok?

It's ok to use for icons and stuff if you want, just...let me know ;)
and if you need a bigger version just let me know
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Adrian Pasdar Picspam


Note//Warnings I chose to use also old pics and caps from old films. Young!Adrian is too sexy to be let out...just quality is often crappy. Sorry :(.
This post may contain slight nudity (bare chest, boxers...), man in eyeliner, slash comments, NC17 comments, abuse of the worlds *dies* and *drools*. If you are ok with all that please, go ahead :). Oh, totally not dialup friendly ;)

90 Adrian's pics under the cut )
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Milo Ventimiglia Picspam


Warnings. This post is absolutely not dial-up friendly (+83 pics). Half naked man inside = not worksafe. May contain slash comments. May contain NC17 comments. May contain stupid comments. I won't take any responsabilities for your keyboard if you'll drool over it. I won't take any blames for deaths and such. Are you sure you're ready to open this?

really sure?

then go ahead and have fun... )
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The tall ships' races 2007
That means there are hundreds of amazing ships in my town and milion people in uniform...and *that* means I'm a really happy girl :P and tomorrow they'll weigh anchor all togheter, and i'll be there to see that *____* I can't wait!

in the meanwhile...a few of the 136 pics I took today :P

tall ships picspam )

aren't they the most beautiful thing ever? *____*


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