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Ok, even if my internet sucks the first video is finally uploaded.

There was so much interaction between them, and omg, Brendon and Dallon and the mic will never be old stuff. So.Damn.Hot!

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Title Don't Stop Moving
Author Ginny aka [ profile] chainer_morgana
Beta [ profile] casness, thank you so much for your work!
Pairing Steve/Danny
Word count Word says 2650
Rating NC17
Summary Steve can’t believe that Danny never tried rimming before.
Warnings Well..rimming.
Disclaimer They’re not mine. If I’d own Steve and Danny you can be sure CBS couldn’t air them ;) No disrespect intended to their real owners and blablabla
Notes Thanks to [ profile] raffie79 who dealt with me when I was sure I couldn't do that and definitely couldn't write in this fandom.
During 1x20 a graphic flash came to my mind and I decided I had to write this fic. Blame Steve for that, lol.
Comments and concrits are love.

If you want the fic can also be read here at AO3 ;)

Don't Stop Moving )
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I think my crush on Gabe just grew a little bigger.
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I'm writing my first (and probably only) english H5-0 fic and I totally have no idea what I'm doing, but it's so much fun that I'm even ok with checking sentences on google and repeat them in my head a few times before writing them down.

I didn't even think possible to fall in love with Steve/Danny more just writing of them.
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Since I'm a little bit obsessed (would you have guessed? LOL) with H50 at the moment, and I decided my cellphone should reflect my obsession, I just made the theme song my ringtone and made a few "book 'em" for incoming texts.

In case anyone needs/wants them:

Theme song

Texts ringtones

There are the book 'em from the pilot and from ep 1x02 plus the "when I say book 'em Danno it's a term of endearment" from 1x06. I wasn't able to cut off the background music and that bothers me, but they're not too bad.
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Because I'm bored, tired and want some eyecandy on my lj ;)

(oh, and the Alex!Porn title is because I decided that Alex needs a porn warning at all times. Dressed, naked, still, in motion...just the fact that he exists need a warning)
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and after too many months I finally changed my header!!
It took me three tries (I'll post the other two soon ;)) but I think I'm pretty satisfied with this one and I absolutely love that effect, like it's somehow set into the page background...

Obviously, since at the moment I'm a little more than obsessed, it's Hawaii 5-0 based ;)

Let me know if you like!

[ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana (clicckete clicckete click *puppy eyes*)
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Hawaii 5-0 you were doing so so so good, what with that season finale?


And I'm not talking about the "Steve thing"(trying to keep the post spoiler free ;)) and how you rushed things. No, I'm talking about two of the worst Mary Sue EVER.
Seriously, what's the reason of all that Rachel thing? Did the writers realized the slash was seriously too much? Because, really, there's no other reason!
And that Kaye girl...WHY? WHY? She's a terrible character, she's useless, out of the blue, and the possible things are just two: she'll turn out to be a mole or she'll fuck Steve. I just hope not the second one, it would really be low. What a terrible character.

And I think I kept this post as spoiler free as I could.

Poor poor Danny ;)
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Title Hide Your Eyes, We’re Gonna Shine Tonight
Author [ profile] chainer_morgana
Beta thanks to [ profile] katiexrawr who dealt whit all my mistakes and to [ profile] raffie79 who always supports me and gives me advices

Pairing Frank/Mikey/Gerard
Rating NC17
Warnings Rough sex, kink, incest, slightly bdsm, facials, threesome.
Words 1400 more or less

Summary Gerard deliberately teased, Frank and Mikey noticed it.

Disclaimer They’re not mine, I know nothing about them and yet I’m pretty sure that never happened. (That Gerard is a teaser is the truth, instead :P)
Notes Inspired by the NME photo shoot video (here) in which Gerard is…a teaser ;)
Title from Party Poison, because I’m original like that and the CD booklet is too near me when I search for a title :P

Hide Your Eyes, We’re Gonna Shine Tonight )
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15 Days Fan Facts Meme

- Write down all shows you can think of within one minute (only shows you used to watch or still watch, of course).
- Take the first 15. If you don't have 15, take another minute.
- Do the meme for these shows; one show every day.
- Encourage your f-list to do the meme as well to find out what kind of fan they are.
- If you want, add a 16th show on the last day.


DAY 5 (more like 20, but I'm doing it, even if slowly, so I'm proud of myself :P)

Show's name and premiere year: Doctor Who (2005)
First watched (year/month): At some point around the summer 2006
Your first episode: Rose (1x01)
Reason you started watching it: Two friends (Morry and Laz) talked to me about it, I was curios, I downloaded the first episode and decided it was too much of a stupid show to watch more (seriously, the mannequins were TERRIBLE), but on the other hand The Doctor was funny and cute, so after a few days I decided to give it one more chance. I watched 7 episodes in one night XD
Like most about: The Doctor. HE could be Nine or Ten or well, maybe even Eleven, I just love him. I love how he's tormented, I love...HIM. ANything about him, seriously.
Still watching / Watched till end?: Still watching, I'll watch 'till the end, even if I'm still not sure I like Eleven so much.
-> If answered with NO - Why?: --
Ship(s): Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Ten/Jack.
Favourite character(s): Nine, Ten, Rose, Donna, Jack.
How much of a fan are/were you?: Big BIG one <3 I don't think there's another way to be fan of that show, you just love it with all your heart.
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They've been in my top ten of best pairing since day one. They can't let me down this serie, come on, it's so obvious!

I need it in my life, I want Mitchell and Annie togheter! They're the cutest couple ever!

photo for reference that I can't put outside a cut because it's a cap from last episode and could be spoiler )
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right now the best thing about TUMBLR is all the Waycest bashing. I'll never stop laughing at all the twelve yo girls gagging at the idea...but what's best is that the more Gerard teases Mikey on stage the more they post things like "don't do that, Gee, you're encouraging them!". Is it possible to be that stupid? Seriously?

Then there are the little older girls...the ones who think it's perfectly ok and normal to write rape and torture and killing if it's frerard or something but that is sick and immoral just to think of a Waycest kiss.

Now mix that with horny teens thinking that Waycest is the hottest thing they ever saw (and it is :P)...

I've never had so much fun on TUMBLR! Thank you Gerard! Please, keep harassing your brother on stage, he doesn't seem too happy about it, but I assure you I am...A LOT! :D
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You realize you really need to take some vitamins and you want your pill back when at three in the morning you see Pete and Patrick in an old photo, read some quotes from FOB lyrics and a minute later you don't know how to stop from crying. With real tears down your cheeks.

Damn, when I say that I'm barely holding it's definitely true!

And yes, still crying O.o
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I've had these sketches sitting (well, hanging actually) next my computer for a while now and I never got around posting them. But today I'm bored, so I decided to scan them...sadly my scanner died on me :'(. I tried with my dad's scan but it just captured half of the I decided it wasn't a good day to scan anything and decided to go with pictures instead. That's why the quality is so crappy.

Please, clicking don't forget I was never thaught how to draw, I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just trying to teach myself and right now the two Mikey are probably the best I can do...

Fandom Fall Out Boy, MCR (and Killjoys)
Rating PG...totally worksafe
Media 2B pencil on really crappy paper I found around my room.

clickety click )
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Imagine you're stuck at home for almost three months now. Imagine you're bored out of your mind and too tired and drugged to concentrate on anything...Imagine you have 24 hours a day to do stupid things..what would you do? Me? Well, I do...


Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

clickette click to see more )

Ok, it's not perfect, but it's the first time I even think about making a doll, plus I had to sew it by hand and it took me something like 5 hours but...ISN'T HE THE CUTEST THING *EVER*????

Oh, and if you're wondering..he's made out of old socks, LOL.
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[19 Haven icons]
[17 Lost Girl icons]

Comment > Take > Credit [Stealing is rude ;)]


Photobucket # Photobucket # Photobucket

Photobucket # Photobucket # Photobucket

Warning: all icons are made from caps taken from episodes. You may consider it spoilers. Lost Girl episodes 102 and 103, Haven episode 113.

this way )
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Title: A Holiday Tale
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Beta The amazing [ profile] xbeax, who did a great job on a terrible fic.
Rating: R for some sexual references and bad language
Words count 5.375
Note This is my first english fic and was plotted and written in less than two hours as a gift to [ profile] raffie79 (to whom it's dedicated, obviously ;)). It's pure fluff, probably the most fluffy thing I ever wrote in all my life and that I ever will.
[ profile] xbeax betaed it a few days after Christmas, still in time for festivities, but sadly I had some personal problems and couldn't post it...just use it to go back to the shining Christmas ;)

A Holiday Tale )
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I seriously don't think I'll ever stop crying.

All the sad things that serie gave us, all the times I cried, the terrible 'goodbye to Rose' scene...everything I thought was written by a sadistic bastard...well they were NOTHING compared to that. NOTHING.

Twenty minutes of pure agony.

I didn't cry so hard even on Ianto's death. Honestly I don't think I ever cried so hard on a tv serie.

And maybe lately I'm a bit emotive, maybe 5 hours of sleep in the last three nights are not helping but it's HEARTBREAKING!

I was mentally ready to take Ten's death, I knew for a long time that he was going to die and that episode was a goodbye, but I never thought it could be THAT goodbye.

"I don't wanna go".

I don't want you to go either :(.

I don't know the new doctor, I don't like him right now but maybe I'll love him later but...he's not David, he's not my Doctor. can I survive the last twenty minutes of that episode? 'Coz I'm STILL CRYING!

Goodbye Ten <3.
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Yesterday I was really really sick and spent all day in bed so yesterday night I couldn't sleep, at all.

[EDIT] OMG I'm a terrible bitch!! I'm the worst human being EVER!!! I totally forgot to tell that I was searching for funny tutorials because my amazing, wonderful, great girlfriend bought me some amazing pastels and I really wanted to try them! ♥

I found a tutorial on how to draw a laughing werewolf and I started wondering: why a werewolf should laugh? Then came my answer:

cut for biggish drawings )

Now you're probably wondering what happened here...well, you're lucky enough I'm gonna tell you ;)

Brendon is a vampire, and about 50 years ago he met a really young werewolf, Spencer. At the beginning things weren't so great (if you ask Brendon he'll tell you it was because Spencer was mean to him, if you'll ask Spencer, instead, he'll tell another story, one about Brendon calling him 'cute puppy'!) but in the end they fell in love. They totally and utterly love each other, they'd die for each other (Except it isn't really so dangerous to be supernatural creatures nowadays ;)) but they can't help keep 'figthing' over which specie is the best.
"I'm a vampire, Spen! I can drink blood! From humans! and they'd even like it!" "But you're a vegetarian, so you just eat bad cooked steaks. Werewolves are so much better. I can howl! and run!" "I can run too! I'm the sexiest creature of the night!" "Just because it's between vempires, bats and rats! And you're sexy to me but probably you're just the cutest vampire ever.." "cute? CUTE? I'm not cute, I'm a Vampire! You're cute, doggy!" "I could eat you whole, you know, human with pointy teeth?" "at least I don't have fleas!" "It was once, a long time ago and it was totally Ryan's fault! And I can seem a big dog and have one would cuddle a vampire!" and so on and on...
Then one day they are at Ryan and Jon's cabin (they're both werewolves, but Ryan is sooo jealous of Brendon! He doesn't get fur when he wants to transform! he doesn't even get fleas!) and it starts snowing so they decides to take a walk in the snowy wood, but then Brendon decides to show Spencer how vampires can be best than werewolves even in the snow. He jumps here and there, but Spencer does to. He walks on the thin-iced river, but Spencer does the end he decides to climb a tree, because he's sure werewolves can't climb. Spencer tells him it's not a good idea to climb a dead and iced tree but Brendon's sure he just doesn't want him to prove vampires' superiority...what's in the drawing is how the thing ends.
Spencer will absolutely make fun of Brendon for the next week. But since he totally loves him he'll also cuddle him and feed him with that terrible hot chocolate blood flavoured thing that Pete gave him.

Oh, if you're wondering why a wolf is wearing pants...he's Spencer! He's so not going around naked! No matter if he's in animal form! If Jon wants to flash people he's free to but he's so not going to show his private parts around! Plus he kept saying there are things that he doesn't want to freeze and fall off, so Brendon, for they first Christmas togheter, bought him a lot of really soft and really warm pants, cut to let his tail and legs free. First pair went totally destroyed when Spencer went back to human form and they had amazing sex in the wood near Ryan's cabin.

And the little bridge...Once Jon fell off of it, into the icy river. Ryan jumped in the water too, to save him, and in the end Spencer had to save them both and cure their cold for days. They never explained why they were naked, in human form, in the middle of the winter on that bridge. Spencer never really wanted to know.
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Ok, honestly, the more I look at them the more I find it creepy. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the fact that William Beckett and Ben Barnes are twins!

Want proofs?

Will )

Ok, now that you had your pics of Will I'll show you a few pics of Ben ;)

Ben )

They even have the same chin!! Come on, you can't say they're not freakly the same...they are...aren't they?
Please, tell me I didn't lose my mind...


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