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Because I'm bored, tired and want some eyecandy on my lj ;)

(oh, and the Alex!Porn title is because I decided that Alex needs a porn warning at all times. Dressed, naked, still, in motion...just the fact that he exists need a warning)
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The Panic! show in London was AMAZING, they were even better than I expected (ok,I try to go to see a band for the first time with low expectations, but they were so good, so much more than I expected *__*). Brendon is just perfect, a great frontman, with so much energy...Ian is born to be on stage and both he and Dallon fit so good with the band I see not a good reason in the whole universe not to make them official. Oh, and Spencer is gorgeous beating the hell off his drums.

It felt strange to hear "Camisado" without Ryan on stage, is the only song I still think shouldn't be played live, but, I know it's probably bad to say this and someone will probably insult me (not that I care..), I didn't miss Ryan or Jon. Yeah, sure, I loved, still love, them as anyone else, I know it was their band and that they were the band, but really, Ian and Dallon managed to fill so good such an hard place that I couldn't miss them. There was so much energy and chemistry on that stage that nothing could ruin it, not even the idea that it wasn't the original band.

And I'm so happy Dallon and Ian were at the M&G! They deserve to be there so much ♥

Did I say that I totally fell for Ian? I swear, he's one of the cutest, most handsome and talented guys I had the luck to see on stage. I mean, you all know I have a soft spot for Spencer, that I think Dallon is hot as hell and I can't look at Brendon without thinking how cute he is, and I knew Ian for a few years now, but when I saw him at the M&G I couldn't take my eyes off him. He's just..magnetic.

Ok, I probably have a lot more things to tell, but right now I can't really think of them, I just want to go back, I want another show and I can't wait for August and to meet them again *.*. I'm so happy and satisfied you have no idea *.*. I loved the MCR show a few months ago, I was waiting for it for YEARS and I was sure nothing could easily top that, but I think P!ATD did, all four of them on that stage...I wasn't so excited for a show for years now *_* Not even the people on stage, not even the setlist..just the show, the energy they put in it and into us.

On a side note: I think the best part of Panic! is Zack. Really, I want him to be the father of my kids or something, lol.

And now...some pics. I took more than 100 pics, some were blurry, some I just didn't like...these are the ones I decided were worth the upload ;) enjoy (don't steal and let me know if you want to repost them somewhere, thank you)

photos photos photos )

I think I'm done for now, tomorrow I'll re-watch the photos and I'll decide if there are more worth of posting, maybe I'll find some more decent shots of Dallon or Spencer *pouts*
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Since my connection is really bitchy lately, and since I'm again stuck in bed, I've nothing better to do than to bore you too.

As [ profile] babyara well knows, I'm really good at ruining people's lives. How, are you wondering? By making them addict to new series! With this one is maybe a really long shot, but since it's my new drug (I finished the three seasons and started it again two days later..)I thought it deserves a post.

I can't find a good source for pics and such, so this is going to be the crappiest most random picspam ever, I'm sorry.

Some pics are caps, that's all the spoilers you'll get. I'll try really hard not to tell something too spoilerish. It won't be easy, trust me, lol.


click the cut, please )

a few comments about the serie )
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(click for bigger)

I swear, this one is better than any slash or sexy pic I ever saw. The Way are amazing, Frank's face...and everyone leaning on Mikey...*__* I LOVE this photo so much.
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Ok, honestly, the more I look at them the more I find it creepy. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the fact that William Beckett and Ben Barnes are twins!

Want proofs?

Will )

Ok, now that you had your pics of Will I'll show you a few pics of Ben ;)

Ben )

They even have the same chin!! Come on, you can't say they're not freakly the same...they are...aren't they?
Please, tell me I didn't lose my mind...
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Since he was the CUTEST.THING.EVER. have some caps from tonight chat with William Beckett

20 pics )
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ok, I could find a million reasons to make a biiiiig Mikey Way picspam, first of all 'coz I keep thinking he's the most gorgeous, sexiest, hottest man alive, but to be honest I'm making this post to dedicate it to [ profile] babyara, just to show her how hot Mikey can be (and to bother her :P:P), and to be sure that in the end she'll have to admit that ;) and to [ profile] raffie79 'coz it took a while but finally she loves Mikey ALMOST as much as me.
But this post is also dedicated to whoever loves the younger Way and thinks he's amazing and wonderful ;)

So, go ahead, that's the first part of my picspam ;)

187 pictures )

Comments make MikeyWay happy, hotlinking makes him cry :(:(
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And here we are with part 2 of this picspam. Spencer Smith and his bandmates ;) [Part 1]

Note: not-so-subtle slashy hints in this part. Don't like, don't open, it's that simple :)

63 pics )
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Since at the beginning I didn't like Spencer too much...and since now I know I wasn't in my right mind 'coz he's one of the hottest, sexiest and most precious thing of the FBR...a mega-Spencer-Picspam!!

Part One: Spencer Smith alone or almost ;)

85 pictures )
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I'm sleepy and pratically freezing here, it means I want to do absolutely nothing but lay on my armchair and read stupid fics. Just...since I don't have enough stupid fics right now you'll have to suffer with me. Deal with me being bored and take this 70-photos-picspam of Gabe Saporta.
Why I'm doing it? 'Coz I love that man ♥

Gabe Saporta - Cobra Starship

Disclaimer: None of this pictures is mine. I found them here and there, can't even recall where, I don't want to steal so if you see your pics and want credits/to remove just let me know :)

Note: Sorry, you'll have to deal with stupid comments too :P

Picspam! Picspam! Picspam! )
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This post is dedicated to [ profile] babyara...she definitely needs some Tom Conrad love (and I want to drool a little, so ;))

Not a lot of pics, just 20, just to let her see how sexy,hot,gorgeous cute and amazing he is.

Sorry, I found them here and there so I have no idea who to credit unless it's written on the pic itself ;). If it's yours just let me know and I'll credit or take it down ;) thanks!

ehm...I couldn't resist, I had to open the post with this one...

more this way )

That's all for now ;)
Tomorrow...Tom slashy pics ;) 'coz he and William loved each other...and Tom/Jon is an obvious OTP ;)


Dec. 15th, 2008 07:42 pm
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I usually don't post pics like this, but they're so cute...♥

(click for bigger)

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And here I am with the second bunch of photos ;)

17 this dial-up friendly ;)

(previously [lol] Roncade 19/10/2008)

Bologna 20/10/2008 )

As I already said: feel free to link/repost but just as long as you CREDIT (and if you can link back to me),

taking for graphics is ok, just let me know (and credit).

Tonight or tomorrow I'll post some pictures from the My Passion concert ;)
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Ok, ok, I know. It was last week but you know me, I take my time to do things...anyway: here we are with some pics from the Kill Hannah show in Roncade, Italy.

I took a lot more, but I couldn't do a post with 30 pics of Dan (not my fault, he was in front of me!) so I'll post just 7 pics.
Later I'll do another post with pics from Bologna. The images are heavy so it's better this way ;)

Roncade 19/10/2008 )

If anyone is interested feel free to link/repost/whatever just LET ME KNOW and CREDIT, ok?

It's ok to use for icons and stuff if you want, just...let me know ;)
and if you need a bigger version just let me know
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Adrian Pasdar Picspam


Note//Warnings I chose to use also old pics and caps from old films. Young!Adrian is too sexy to be let out...just quality is often crappy. Sorry :(.
This post may contain slight nudity (bare chest, boxers...), man in eyeliner, slash comments, NC17 comments, abuse of the worlds *dies* and *drools*. If you are ok with all that please, go ahead :). Oh, totally not dialup friendly ;)

90 Adrian's pics under the cut )
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Milo Ventimiglia Picspam


Warnings. This post is absolutely not dial-up friendly (+83 pics). Half naked man inside = not worksafe. May contain slash comments. May contain NC17 comments. May contain stupid comments. I won't take any responsabilities for your keyboard if you'll drool over it. I won't take any blames for deaths and such. Are you sure you're ready to open this?

really sure?

then go ahead and have fun... )
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The tall ships' races 2007
That means there are hundreds of amazing ships in my town and milion people in uniform...and *that* means I'm a really happy girl :P and tomorrow they'll weigh anchor all togheter, and i'll be there to see that *____* I can't wait!

in the meanwhile...a few of the 136 pics I took today :P

tall ships picspam )

aren't they the most beautiful thing ever? *____*


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