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It took me months but I finally got around to make a master list of my english fanfictions. They're not a lot, but a few I totally didn't remember.

Maybe next time I'll finish the ones that are sitting in my hard drive and ask for a beta, lol. The Pete/Patrick one was pretty good, probably one of my best works, it's sad I never finished it. And the waycest was turning out pretty good too.

Well, if you want to take a look the masterlist is here
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I'm so bored! Vomit is not entertaining! Yep, it's 24 hours now that my stomach can't hold a thing. Oh, the joys of being a woman :P

BTW, 516 hits to my fic on AO3 and I don't know how many on! Thank you so much if anyone who read it is reading this too ;)

And just to make this useless post a little less useless:


When I grow up I wanna be a moto...just saying O:)

[EDIT] is it just me or this pic screams: "write porn, please!"?
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Title Don't Stop Moving
Author Ginny aka [ profile] chainer_morgana
Beta [ profile] casness, thank you so much for your work!
Pairing Steve/Danny
Word count Word says 2650
Rating NC17
Summary Steve can’t believe that Danny never tried rimming before.
Warnings Well..rimming.
Disclaimer They’re not mine. If I’d own Steve and Danny you can be sure CBS couldn’t air them ;) No disrespect intended to their real owners and blablabla
Notes Thanks to [ profile] raffie79 who dealt with me when I was sure I couldn't do that and definitely couldn't write in this fandom.
During 1x20 a graphic flash came to my mind and I decided I had to write this fic. Blame Steve for that, lol.
Comments and concrits are love.

If you want the fic can also be read here at AO3 ;)

Don't Stop Moving )
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I photoshopped this in less than three minutes, so it's pretty terrible, sorry, but here it is a sequence of the total lunar eclipse seen from Genoa, North Italy. There are no clouds tonight and with a little patience my small camera did a good job ;)

the moon is gone! No, here it is again! )
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I think my crush on Gabe just grew a little bigger.
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I'm writing my first (and probably only) english H5-0 fic and I totally have no idea what I'm doing, but it's so much fun that I'm even ok with checking sentences on google and repeat them in my head a few times before writing them down.

I didn't even think possible to fall in love with Steve/Danny more just writing of them.
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Since I'm a little bit obsessed (would you have guessed? LOL) with H50 at the moment, and I decided my cellphone should reflect my obsession, I just made the theme song my ringtone and made a few "book 'em" for incoming texts.

In case anyone needs/wants them:

Theme song

Texts ringtones

There are the book 'em from the pilot and from ep 1x02 plus the "when I say book 'em Danno it's a term of endearment" from 1x06. I wasn't able to cut off the background music and that bothers me, but they're not too bad.
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Because I'm bored, tired and want some eyecandy on my lj ;)

(oh, and the Alex!Porn title is because I decided that Alex needs a porn warning at all times. Dressed, naked, still, in motion...just the fact that he exists need a warning)
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and after too many months I finally changed my header!!
It took me three tries (I'll post the other two soon ;)) but I think I'm pretty satisfied with this one and I absolutely love that effect, like it's somehow set into the page background...

Obviously, since at the moment I'm a little more than obsessed, it's Hawaii 5-0 based ;)

Let me know if you like!

[ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana [ profile] chainer_morgana (clicckete clicckete click *puppy eyes*)
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not only the non-existent black cat that everyone keep seeing in my house just ran in front of me, Mirit, my cat, was also chasing him/her. WTF? O.o
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Hawaii 5-0 you were doing so so so good, what with that season finale?


And I'm not talking about the "Steve thing"(trying to keep the post spoiler free ;)) and how you rushed things. No, I'm talking about two of the worst Mary Sue EVER.
Seriously, what's the reason of all that Rachel thing? Did the writers realized the slash was seriously too much? Because, really, there's no other reason!
And that Kaye girl...WHY? WHY? She's a terrible character, she's useless, out of the blue, and the possible things are just two: she'll turn out to be a mole or she'll fuck Steve. I just hope not the second one, it would really be low. What a terrible character.

And I think I kept this post as spoiler free as I could.

Poor poor Danny ;)

DW codes

May. 26th, 2011 08:18 pm
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Seems like one of the most popular thing to post today but...I have some Dreamwidth codes if anyone needs them ;)
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Since a lot of series are sadly done for the season, and I saw a lot of people are as lost as me about what they'll watch in the next few months, I thought of living here a list of things I watched in the past year and that others could like. I won't copy plot outlines, I'll just link to the imdb page and give you a brief comment.

Please, if you have any must-see serie, let me know! ([ profile] babyara don't worry, SOA is already here ;))

Alice )

Nikita )

Outcasts )

Warehouse 13 )

The Killing )

Game of Thrones )

The Borgias )

Oh, and one more time: if you haven't watched the first season of Haven go and watch it NOW! On july 15th will start S2, and you can't watch it if you haven't seen S1 first. Oh, yeah, I'm assuming you'll watch it, just because it's one of the best serie EVER. I'll never stop saying how much I love it.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Any vehicle? well, technically the Tardis is also a vehicle (and it doesn't even need parking!), so...;)

Do I really need to tell why? Time and Space, people. TIME.AND.SPACE. (and a Doctor on board ;))
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The Panic! show in London was AMAZING, they were even better than I expected (ok,I try to go to see a band for the first time with low expectations, but they were so good, so much more than I expected *__*). Brendon is just perfect, a great frontman, with so much energy...Ian is born to be on stage and both he and Dallon fit so good with the band I see not a good reason in the whole universe not to make them official. Oh, and Spencer is gorgeous beating the hell off his drums.

It felt strange to hear "Camisado" without Ryan on stage, is the only song I still think shouldn't be played live, but, I know it's probably bad to say this and someone will probably insult me (not that I care..), I didn't miss Ryan or Jon. Yeah, sure, I loved, still love, them as anyone else, I know it was their band and that they were the band, but really, Ian and Dallon managed to fill so good such an hard place that I couldn't miss them. There was so much energy and chemistry on that stage that nothing could ruin it, not even the idea that it wasn't the original band.

And I'm so happy Dallon and Ian were at the M&G! They deserve to be there so much ♥

Did I say that I totally fell for Ian? I swear, he's one of the cutest, most handsome and talented guys I had the luck to see on stage. I mean, you all know I have a soft spot for Spencer, that I think Dallon is hot as hell and I can't look at Brendon without thinking how cute he is, and I knew Ian for a few years now, but when I saw him at the M&G I couldn't take my eyes off him. He's just..magnetic.

Ok, I probably have a lot more things to tell, but right now I can't really think of them, I just want to go back, I want another show and I can't wait for August and to meet them again *.*. I'm so happy and satisfied you have no idea *.*. I loved the MCR show a few months ago, I was waiting for it for YEARS and I was sure nothing could easily top that, but I think P!ATD did, all four of them on that stage...I wasn't so excited for a show for years now *_* Not even the people on stage, not even the setlist..just the show, the energy they put in it and into us.

On a side note: I think the best part of Panic! is Zack. Really, I want him to be the father of my kids or something, lol.

And now...some pics. I took more than 100 pics, some were blurry, some I just didn't like...these are the ones I decided were worth the upload ;) enjoy (don't steal and let me know if you want to repost them somewhere, thank you)

photos photos photos )

I think I'm done for now, tomorrow I'll re-watch the photos and I'll decide if there are more worth of posting, maybe I'll find some more decent shots of Dallon or Spencer *pouts*
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Title Hide Your Eyes, We’re Gonna Shine Tonight
Author [ profile] chainer_morgana
Beta thanks to [ profile] katiexrawr who dealt whit all my mistakes and to [ profile] raffie79 who always supports me and gives me advices

Pairing Frank/Mikey/Gerard
Rating NC17
Warnings Rough sex, kink, incest, slightly bdsm, facials, threesome.
Words 1400 more or less

Summary Gerard deliberately teased, Frank and Mikey noticed it.

Disclaimer They’re not mine, I know nothing about them and yet I’m pretty sure that never happened. (That Gerard is a teaser is the truth, instead :P)
Notes Inspired by the NME photo shoot video (here) in which Gerard is…a teaser ;)
Title from Party Poison, because I’m original like that and the CD booklet is too near me when I search for a title :P

Hide Your Eyes, We’re Gonna Shine Tonight )
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I hate the Twilight saga, I think it's a waste of printed paper with the lamest vampires ever and a terrible Mary Sue.

And I dislike Robert Pattinson. He was an ok wizard, died too young, quite nice too..then he grow up to be a sexy-like-a-dead-fish vegetarian vampire (no ok, that's nothing to do with the actor, but I really think he's sexy like a sardina...)

Then my question is: why the only night I don't have a nightmare I dream I'm in London with my gf and half LM and suddenly, on a boat (why was I on a boat in London?) a strange guy tells me they need a Bella for the movie and, after a moment I find myself in front of the cameras? But the thing is that the crew was so funny and nice, and I was having a lot of fun with all the action scenes and all...Still...I kept *FLIRTING* with Robert all the time, and he flirted back, and I was so exctied about it! O.o In real life I'd be a lot more excited if a dog peed on my new shoes, I swear. Oh, and they made me run around half naked and Robert snagged my bra O.o.

Bah, probably I should really stop Valium till I'm still in time XD Strange strange dreams..

(Giò, you addopted a colony of little, cute mices found in an alley near a set...)
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Title Engage the Energy
Author [ profile] chainer_morgana
Beta the wonderful [ profile] katiexrawr, thank you very much for helping me with that! (and blame me for any mistake you can still find ;))
Pairing Mikey/Frank
Rating NC17
Warning Bondage, toys, BDSM, breath play, orgasm denial.
Words 849 (Word says :P)
Note That’s a text message(s) fic. I know, you’re probably thinking “what?”. But it was around 3am, I was bored, my girlfriend, [ profile] raffie79, was working and I was blocked in bed post-surgery, so I took my phone and started texting her. At the end we had 21 text messages and this fic. I copied and adjusted it a little, but I decided to keep the short sentences and paragraphs.
Oh, it’s also one of my first English fic, so be gentle ;)
Ah, and title probably doesn’t fit, but I was listening to Planetary, Gee sang this sentence and it became my title XD

Dedicate to [ profile] raffie79, my sweet, sick, kinky, perv, girlfriend ;) I couldn't plot such things without you, my love.

Engage the Energy )
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Oh, I love to copy my girlfriend :P Especially when she has great ideas...

Btw, to stay a lot of time without lj was sooo boring! So I went back to my, often forgotten, dreamwidth, only to realize I know almost no one there at this point...and it's sad! Luckily enough I often read in my flist that posts are xposted from there or mentions to DW accounts.

So, would you leave me your nick here in the comments or just add me and make a bored woman happy? Pretty please?

I'm [personal profile] chainer_morgana. My profile is a mess, my interests are all wrong but I promise I'll fix it and...add me, pretty please? Oh, I also love long walks on the beach and romantic movies and..ROTFL.

Foot note to pimp myself a little more: [ profile] camelotfans (that's new and you should definitely join) now has a twin community on dreamwidth [community profile] camelotfans. Doesn't that make you all wanton to take a look? ;);)


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