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So, I finally got around to watch Primeval season 5 (if you can call season a 6 episodes thing that's obviously part of the previous one). They wanted to tell us we had two more seasons and they gave us 4 and 5, good for who liked that, to me it's just season 4 with 13 episodes... BTW..

I liked season 5, a LOT more than season 4, I even liked Matt (no, not Emily, she's totally useless, sorry), I wanted to kick Connor a lot, I wanted to fuck Becker and Abby a, a good serie after all ;) But let me be honest, the last two episodes had holes in the logic as big as my car.
Like...a big wave fired electricity sistems, car batteries and all...but cellphones were perfectly working? WTF?
And the cuts..I don't know who the editor was, but please, let him admit he was drunk half the time, because I rarely see something so bad. In a few scenes they even cut the last word of a speech in half O.o

And ok, all this post because I need to rant about the FUCKING CLIFFHANGER. REALLY? After five years they cancel a serie and they put a cliffhanger in the lasts ten second of the finale? O.o What's that, a new torture?
They had already made the perfect setting for season 6, and I was already sulking because we arenìt going to have that, but the Matt thing? Let me tell you, that's sadistic.
Ok, to be honest I was a little pissed off because the Matt thing didn't make sense. If it really changed the future he couldn't possibly be there, damn, the others shouldn't even remember about him (Doctor Who teaches ;)). So I was already sort of pissed, but ok with that because hey, I'm always glad when no one dies in the lasts ten minutes of a serie finale ;) But the second Matt? WTF? I could find like a million theories but it just seems a little bit absurd. So what's that, some sort of projection? It can't be another Matt from the future or I'd really not know how there can be this one as well. So maybe the future didn't change at all, so future!Matt sent himself a message. But then why didn't just future!Matt go back himself, instead than telling to do so to a really confused present!Matt?
Or maybe the anomaly was so powerful that could split him in two? Not that that would make sense, but a lot of things didn't make sense in this serie, so... and the other Matt was definitely beaten up...

Anyway, I want a season 6 so bad I could cry. I want to see Becker and Jess togheter, I want a bunch of little Connor-Temple and a lot more Lester. I want to see this team at their best, even Emily could be someway useful, I think. Probably. Maybe. ok, tollerable at least :P
I want another serie with them just closing anomalies and catching things like at old times, without all that Philip thing and the Abby/Connor drama.

And now excuse me while I'll hide in my corner crying because it's over :'(

Date: 2011-07-04 10:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We don't have the channel that the second half first airs on (which is sadistic and cruel to those of us who don't have that particular channel if you ask me lol) so we don't get to see it til later in the year, but a lot of what you say sounds rather like what I thought was going to happen.

Please tell me that Danny comes back though? Please? *hopeful*

And there was nowhere near enough Rex OR Lester in the first half of the series. Peimeval is NOT Primeval without Rex and Lester

Date: 2011-07-08 08:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Voglio dire sono riuscita a reggerne uno in questa 'stagione', ma due insieme non li reggerei manco se mi pagassero XD

Concordo con te su quel dannato cliffhanger, è il modo più schifoso che esista per chiudere una serie -__________- gli è andata bene una volta che lo hanno rinnovato, dubito succeda di nuovo. Ragion per cui continuerò a dimenticare quei secondi finali, per me non sono mai esistiti!!!

Sono arrabbiata comunque: volevo Becker e Jess insieme >___________< e decisamente MOOOOLTO più Lester!!! (Io ho temuto ci uccidessero pure lui O.o)

Oh ma a me Matt ed Emily piacciono come coppia però sì, lei è completamente inutile XD


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