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This is the master list for my english fics. It's not long, and some are really old and from fandoms I'm no longer in, but since I finally started to really write in that language it seemed nice to have them all in a post, to make things easier for my english friends :)

NOTE: All fics are SLASH, that means boys kissing boys (And a lot of other nasty things). Ratings are from PG to NC-17 and there could be various kinks involved. If any of this things bother you please leave now, otherwise consider yourself warned.
If you're too young to read NC-17 stuff..well, chances are you'll probably read them anyway, I know, but it's my duty to tell you not to ;)

Hawaii 5-0

Don't Stop Moving (HERE @AO3)

Steve/Danny - NC-17 - 2654 words. [Rimming]
Steve can’t believe that Danny never tried rimming before.

My Chemical Romance

Engage the Energy (HERE @AO3)

Frank/Mikey - NC-17 - 854 words. [Toys, Kinky, Orgasm denial, BDSM]
They had started with Frank kneeling, hands tied behind his back, but now he was lying down, shoulders against the floor, arms and legs under him, muscles stretched. It was probably painful to have Mikey sitting on him, but the bassist couldn't care less.


Hide Your Eyes, We’re Gonna Shine Tonight (HERE @AO3)

Gerard/Mikey/Frank - NC-17 - 1367 words. [Incest, BDSM, Threesome, Kinky]
Gerard deliberately teased, Frank and Mikey noticed it.

Panic! at the Disco

A Holiday Tale

Spencer/Brendon - R - 5375 words. [ANGST, Christmas!fic]
Spencer thinks is a good idea to spend Christmas with their families. Brendon thinks it's just a way to break up with him.

30 Seconds to Mars


Jared/Matt - R - 649 words. [ANGST]
their last night togheter...


goodnight story

All band - PG - [Crackfic]
What the title says

Heroes RPS

The first time.. (@ [ profile] adrianmilo)

Adrian/Milo - R - 1104 words. [First!time]
5 drabbles/double drabbles/ficlets about 5 "important" first times ;)

Alexander The Great

Madness - Follia

Alexander/Hephaestion - R - [Major character death]
Hephaestion is dead…(Alexander POV)


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