Jul. 18th, 2011

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That's what happens when I'm sick, reading HP again and in desperate need of more Sirius Black in my life. I think it's the only character in the history of ever that I never really accepted was dead. I can take the kill of any characters, I can even deal with Ianto's death, but Sirius...just no. He was that one character that should still be alive.

Apart from that and my being back into HP, and by that I mean that I'm jumping from movies to book (Deathly Hallows) to fics, I also caught some form of lethal plague, or maybe it's just a cold that came out of hell to come and live in my throat and nose. I can't talk, can't breath, I have a fever and I've slept more or less half an hour last night because of high fever and 'coz I was too busy blowing my nose. If you're wondering how I caught the death: I was grocery shopping with my girlfriend and I spent a little too much time in the refrigerators' zone.

I just found out my cat weight 5kg, I'm wondering if it's too much, but she doesn't seem fat and vet said nothing...

And still nothing from the professor. Tomorrow I'll search for him again, I hope he's around, I don't want to study for this test *AGAIN*, I'm so done with that stupid stuff.

I think it's all for this pointless and too long post. Have a great Sunday night, I'm heading to bed, but Harry will keep me company, I'm sure ;)
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I've just realized that many of you have he4ard me saying that I don't like Harry Potter just to see me flail over it a minute later. So I thought of posting this to show you I'm not totally nut, I just don't like HP but love it. Confused, uh?
First time I read HP when I was 14. at the time I loved Ken Follet, Hemingway and Orwell. My friend handed me the book and I suddenly found myself reading of a 11yo stupid boy that defeated evil by luck and stupid magic. I hated that book like I hated few things in my teen years. I wanted to read about violence, sex, or maybe about the human mind, surely not about a kid and his magic spells! So i gave the book back to my friend and told her to go and burn it. She hated me for that. Funny thing is: she now dislikes HP because she's a "grown up". LOL.
Then I was 19, half my friends were in the fandom, fanfiction were all around me and you know how these things go...I asked Fra to give me her books (it italian! O.o), tried to read the first one again and found it too boring for words, tried the second one and almost hang myself for the sheer desperation that it provoked in me. The thing is: I hate teenagers and schools. I'll more gladly read a to-do list a million times over reading and high school fic! There's nothing fun in a school, there's nothing fun in reading poor souls in a school and there's even less fun in teenagers. Teenagers are clumsy, depressed and living the worst part of their lives. Teenagers are not romantic, they're patethic and don't even get me started on NC17 involving teenagers. I think High School themed stuff is my pet peeve. So you can see why I hated HP so much.
But still my friends keep telling that HP was the masterpiece of the century, and since I hate to criticize something I don't know just for the sake of it, I decided to read "Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban". And that's when it all started.
They still were teenagers, they still where in a school, probably a lot more cooler than the ones I know, but still a school, but nothing mattered because there was Remus and then Sirius. I had felt, before, for a book character, but with them was something different. Sirius was...well, Sirius. He wasn't even a character, he was my soulmate from a different universe!
I fell for the two of them that suddenly I found myself reading fic and I found myself searching for marauders era fic! I wanted Remus and Sirius and suddenly I wanted them as two little and cute teenagers! Because they were meant to be, because no matter how young they were, they were family and the best persons I ever read in a book. I slashed them, I still do, but it wasn't even that. I read all the remaining books in a few nights, hungry for more, and by the time I found myself waiting for "the half blood prince" to come out I was in love with all the characters in the serie. Snape, because it's impossible not to love him, and because he was so much better than stupid James. The Weasley, everyone except Percy and useless Ginny, and then my amazing Tonks, the evil and oh so sexy Bellatrix. And the coward and cute Draco, do-me-against-a-wall Lucius, and so on.
I still don't like the story, I still think that school and teens are something stupid to read about, but the characters, their lives and deaths...they, every single one of them, are the reason I love Harry Potter. I don't like the books, I like the people in them. And well, I admit I think I'd love schools a little more if my was as cool as Hogwarts ;) (but just if I was in slytherin, because I don't like the other houses :P). At least Defense against the Dark Arts sounds a lot more interesting than math :P

I don't know if this post made sense to someone else other than me, and sorry it's too long :P


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