Jul. 15th, 2011

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There's a new kind of mosquito in my city, it seems. It's really small, totally black and they are bitches.
I don't kill insects, they're just doing what nature taught them to do, I have no right to kill them for that, but that ones seriously risk their lives even near me.

The thing is, when it's biting you no matter what you do, they won't leave your skin. I even *touched* the motherfucker and it didn't even flinch, it just kept sucking my blood! And oh, the sixe of the bite! it took just a few seconds and my leg, arm, shoulder and chest are sporting HUGE and itchy marks. Dunno if they're particulary venomous or if I'm allergic, but I saw my body swell like that just with spiders' bites before.

Yeah, I know no one wanted a rant about a mosquito, but I never saw something like that before and I needed to vent.

The funny thing is that cat, with her warmer blood, was in my lap and the damn thing didn't show any interest (luckily for her, because I don't kill things that hurt me, but try and bother my cat and you're six feet under ;)). Ok, time to scratch myself bloody, lol.


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