Jun. 23rd, 2011

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Seriously, how is that while in pain I click Youtube to distract myself, I digit Alex's name and the first random video I click is him fucking on a chair? That so won't help me with the I-need-some-sleep thing ;) But sure as hell I'll be in my bunk, LOL.
Oh, and I almost forgot to tell that the scene in my fic starts on a chair...oh, coincidences, I love you.

I'm downloading "Oyster Farmer". It will probably suck, but ehy, naked!Alex is worth it! (no, Whiteout was too shitty even to like him :P)

[EDIT because I'm laughing so hard I've tears] I gave up and let my curiosity win over respect for someone else's privacy, so I started to google Alex's son (I thought he had a daughter, dunno why, lol) and ended up in some really stupid italian message board.
Best.quotes.EVER. :

"What I can't understand is how Alex made a child"
ahem...maybe her parents didn't explain her a few things. But luckily for her her friend came to her rescue with that other gem:

"I don't know either how that's possible, I thought he wasn't married, so how could he have a son?"

I really can't stop laughing XD

BTW, really cute kid, teen, whatever. Seems we'll have another O'Loughlin breaking hearts in a few years ;)

EDIT2 Hello Oyster Farmer! I just checked the file and it already is my favourite movie ever XD Maybe Alex didn't have fun shooting that scene, but I'm sure no one else watching it complained ;)


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