Apr. 9th, 2011

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I hate the Twilight saga, I think it's a waste of printed paper with the lamest vampires ever and a terrible Mary Sue.

And I dislike Robert Pattinson. He was an ok wizard, died too young, quite nice too..then he grow up to be a sexy-like-a-dead-fish vegetarian vampire (no ok, that's nothing to do with the actor, but I really think he's sexy like a sardina...)

Then my question is: why the only night I don't have a nightmare I dream I'm in London with my gf and half LM and suddenly, on a boat (why was I on a boat in London?) a strange guy tells me they need a Bella for the movie and, after a moment I find myself in front of the cameras? But the thing is that the crew was so funny and nice, and I was having a lot of fun with all the action scenes and all...Still...I kept *FLIRTING* with Robert all the time, and he flirted back, and I was so exctied about it! O.o In real life I'd be a lot more excited if a dog peed on my new shoes, I swear. Oh, and they made me run around half naked and Robert snagged my bra O.o.

Bah, probably I should really stop Valium till I'm still in time XD Strange strange dreams..

(GiĆ², you addopted a colony of little, cute mices found in an alley near a set...)


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