Feb. 15th, 2011

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Taken from [livejournal.com profile] maddythevampire

15 Days Fan Facts Meme

- Write down all shows you can think of within one minute (only shows you used to watch or still watch, of course).
- Take the first 15. If you don't have 15, take another minute.
- Do the meme for these shows; one show every day.
- Encourage your f-list to do the meme as well to find out what kind of fan they are.
- If you want, add a 16th show on the last day.


DAY 2 (Sorry, I know I'm late, but I was sick and then it was Valentine's Day...)

Show's name and premiere year: Nikita (2010)
First watched (year/month): September 10th 2010
Your first episode: 1x01 Pilot
Reason you started watching it: To hate it XD I grow up watching "La Femme Nikita" and with a huge crush on Michael, so that thing seemed like a big joke. Nikita gone rouge? A spy inside division? Asshole!Birkoff and hatefull "Operation"? I hated the first two episodes so much! And I kept downloading it to see how worse it would become. But then I fell in love with Michael/Shane West and I started to like all the angst. I just need to think of that as anything but Nikita and to ignore Maggie Q, 'coz I can't take her, really.
Like most about: Shane West! ;)
Still watching / Watched till end?: Still watching ;)
-> If answered with NO - Why?: --
Ship(s): Michael/Nikita, Michael/Alex, Nikita/Ryan
Favourite character(s): Michael, Ryan.
How much of a fan are/were you?: Not huge. I watch the show, squee a little, curse a little...I think I read a few Michael/Nikita angst fic and joined a few communities for this pairing.


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